Pretiosa brings a double banded, elegant ring featuring a pretty, faceted smoky quartz


The facets in this quartz make the stone change its depth in color in different lighting. 

Caramel, coffee and chocolate all mixed up in one stone - could you ask for more?


The double ring band is formed and made by hand, and the little silver "dots" on each side of the band, is made from recycled silver - first into small silver balls and then hammered flat


Hand polished to a mirror shine





♢ Fine silver for the bezel 
♢ Sterling silver
♢ Smoky Quartz




♢ Ring band 1,6 mm
♢ Quartz 6 mm

♢ Size 54   US size 6 1/2



Shipping of your choice at check out


Design, fabrication, packing and shipping by yours truly


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Smoky Quartz Ring

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  • Fine silver is 99,9% pure silver


    Pure silver is a very soft material

    Therefore, Pretiosa uses fine silver for the smaller parts of her jewelry, like bezels and other little details 


    Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver


    This is an alloy made when (usually) copper, the remaining 7.5%, is combined with fine silver


    This is a less soft and more durable material


    Pretiosa tries to make full use of all material. Silver from old jewelry, or left overs by various production is melted and reused. The silver balls in this ring are a result of this



    Pliny the Elder, a roman naturalist, believed quartz to be ice - water permanently frozen after great lengths of time. He supported this idea by saying that quartz is found near glaciers in the Alps, but not on volcanic mountains. This idea persisted until at least the 17th century


    Smoky quartz is a gray, translucent version of quartz. It ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to a brownish-gray crystal that is almost opaque. Some can also be black. The translucency results from natural irradiation creating free silicon within the crystal


    Smoky quartz is the National Gem of Scotland.

    They have considered it a sacred stone dating all the way back to the Druids

    There aren't actually that many brown colored gemstones out there, so even though quartz is a very common material, the smoky version is a little more rare

    Smoky quartz has been used widely since ancient times because it is so easy to cut as a gem and equally as easy to shape for ornaments and other practical applications. Smoky quartz was popular for making snuff bottles in China, and was also popular in ancient times with the Romans, who used the stone for carving intaglio seals. The Sumerians cut and engraved various quartz stones as cylinder seals and used them later as ring seals. As the Sumerians invented writing, quartz is probably one of the first gem stone materials to be written on, and also to be used as a stamp to make a written impression in clay. Some thousands of years ago, the Egyptians made beads, scarab figures, and other jewelry from many of the quartz stones (including the transparent amethyst, prize of the quartz family). 917 358 974

Desirée S. Martinussen
Grimstad, Norway
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