Septum Ring

Pretiosa brings a pretty septum ring featuring five small silver beads made of recycled silver


A neutral, comfortable ring for your everyday wear 


Hand polished to a mirror shine




♢ Sterling silver




♢ Silver wire 1,2 mm (16 gauge)
♢ Inner diameter 8 mm
♢ Circumference appr. 10 mm, 13 mm including string of beads



Shipping of your choice at check out


Design, fabrication, packing and shipping by yours truly


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Septum Ring

  • Fine silver is 99,9% pure silver


    Pure silver is a very soft material

    Therefore, Pretiosa uses fine silver for the smaller parts of her jewelry, like bezels and other little details 


    Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver


    This is an alloy made when (usually) copper, the remaining 7.5%, is combined with fine silver


    This is a less soft and more durable material




    Before the septum ring was a look owned by the feminist and punk populations, it had beginnings in multiple cultures around the world


    The septum ring is sometimes called a "bull-ring piercing


    To associate septum rings with bulls is pretty common and also a correct association in some cases, as these rings can be used to break bulls for the farm life.


    The truth is, septum rings have been used as human jewelry in many different populations;


    To the Asmat tribe of Irian Jaya, the most popular septum jewelry were large and thick bone plugs - called "Otsj". 

    Otsj are usually made from the leg bones of pigs, but occasionally they are made from the tibia bones of enemies slain in battle


    Septum piercings were also very popular among Native American tribes


    Australian Aboriginals used septum piercings for beauty purposes, passing a long bone through the hole to achieve the desired flattened nose 

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