Jade Bar Ring

Pretiosa brings a OOAK ring with a dark and mysterious Jade - a small touch of rustic vintage


The dark, moss green color of this jade could almost pass as black, but its true nature emerges when light hits it.

I'm a little obessed with both the color and the rectangular shape of this stone, and I wish there were more in my precious stone inventory  ...


For you though, as a potential owner of this ring, it simply means you get your hands on quite the unique piece


Hand polished to a mirror shine


♢ Fine silver for the bezel
♢ Sterling silver
♢ Jade


♢ Ring band half round 2 mm
♢ Jade 17x 5x 5 mm
♢ Size 8 1/2



Shipping of your choice at check out

Design, fabrication, packing and shipping by yours truly♥

Please read my shop policy before purchasing

Jade Bar Ring


Fine silver is 99,9% pure silver

Pure silver is a very soft material

Therefore, Pretiosa uses fine silver for the smaller parts of her jewelry, like bezels and other smaller details 

Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver

This is an alloy made when (usually) copper, the remaining 7.5%, is combined with fine silver

This is a less soft and more durable material

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