Pretiosa brings a diamond shaped ring made of silver bars


A perfect ring for the Art Deco lover, for those in need of an everyday shield and for fans of minimal meets edgy


Hand polished to a mirror shine


Made to order

Please make sure you know your exact size before purchasing

Make a visit to your local jewelry store for the most precise measure, or if this is not an option, do as follows ;


Take a thread and wrap it around your finger - not too tight and not too loose. Make a mark where the two ends cross eachother, and then measure the length


Please expect 1-2 weeks for fabrication and another 3-4 days for shipping

For international customers shipping time is appr. 2-3 weeks (or more)


♢ Sterling silver


♢ Ring band half round 2 mm 
♢ Size made to order



Shipping of your choice at check out


Design, fabrication, packing and shipping by yours truly


Please read my shop policy before purchasing

Art Deco Shield Ring


Fine silver is 99,9% pure silver


Pure silver is a very soft material

Therefore, Pretiosa uses fine silver for the smaller parts of her jewelry, like bezels and other little details 


Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver


This is an alloy made when (usually) copper, the remaining 7.5%, is combined with fine silver


This is a less soft and more durable material

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