Pretiosa brings a dainty little beauty in the Diamond Collection, featuring a tiny, gorgeous hand bezel set Garnet


The diamond shape is hand sewed and stamped 


The Garnet has a deep, opaque, cold red color and the ring band is beaded


Hand polished to a mirror shine





♢ Fine silver for the bezel
♢ Sterling silver
♢ Garnet


♢ Ring band 1,6 mm
♢ Garnet 3 mm
♢ Size 52  US size 6 - other sizes are made to order


Please expect 1-2 weeks for fabrication and another 3-4 days for shipping

For international customers shipping time is appr. 2-3 weeks (or more)



Shipping of your choice at check out


Design, fabrication, packing and shipping by yours truly


Please read my shop policy before purchasing

Beaded Garnet Ring

kr 469,00Price
  • Fine silver is 99,9% pure silver


    Pure silver is a very soft material

    Therefore, Pretiosa uses fine silver for the smaller parts of her jewelry, like bezels and other little details 


    Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver


    This is an alloy made when (usually) copper, the remaining 7.5%, is combined with fine silver


    This is a less soft and more durable material



    Garnet got its name from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seedlike". Which makes sence, as small garnets really look like the red seeds you find in pomegranate


    Thousands of years ago, red garnet necklaces adorned the necks of Egypts pharaohs, and they were seen as prized possessions for the afterlife so they were entombed with their mummified corpses


    A garnet necklace was found on a man in a grave that dates back to 3000 B.C, so the hardness and durabilty of this stone is really unquestionable


    In ancient Rome, when important documents were secured, they used signet rings with carved garnets to stamp the wax


    Throughout time, there have been many ancient traditions and legends about the garnet

    Christian tradition considered the blood-red garnet as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, and in medievel times it was thought to cure depression, relieve diseases of the liver and protect its owner against bad dreams

    The Greeks believed it guarded children from drowning, and that it was potent against poisons


    Garnet is traditionally gifted for the 19th anniversary of marriage♥

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