Custom orders are welcome

Certain times of the year are more busy than others though, so please take into consideration that I might not always be able to help you right away

Get in touch by email,, and we will work something out together 

Ring size

The best way to find your exact ring size, is to get it measured at a local jewelry store

If this is not an option, measure your finger

with a cord, mark where the cord crosses your finger and measure the length


Etsy shop

I have an Etsy shop, and you're welcome to visit;

Recycled silver

I try to make full use of all material

Silver from old jewelry, or left overs by various production is melted and used again

All metal scrap is saved and sent to supplier for recycling




All materials (stones, metal etc) are sourced from ethical suppliers

I use precious metal and precious/semi-precious stones 

Occasional use of lab created stones or other synthetic material is mentioned in details provided the specific piece

All pieces are made using traditional metalsmithing techniques


Remember that all my pieces are made with love and care, so please treat your jewelry the same way to extend their life

Store your pieces properly and handle them with care 

If for any reason your piece from Pretiosa needs repair, please contact me by email

6 months from purchase date, smaller repairs are free of charge

(There might be an additional charge depending on the damage)

Buyer covers shipping charges both ways

Past 6 months, there will be an additional charge

Payment plan

Payment plan can be arranged

Get in touch by email and we will work something out

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