In Ancient Rome, a womans value was measured according to her beauty, loving nature, success in motherhood, dignity, conversational skill, housekeeping and ability to weave wool


Women, of all classes, had limited rights in life when compared to men - and even though this is, unfortunately, not unique compared to some of the more reactionary standards we see to this day - back then there were ruthless consequences awating any woman determined to face up to these restrictions


Empresses of Rome

 Often portrayed as traitors and conspirators who would stop at nothing to remove those standing in the way of their – or their husbands' – ambitions


What unites them though, is that they were all living in a male dominated world - and so the stories of these women are all shaped by the men who created them...

Men who may have felt somewhat anxious about women being too influencial, gaining too much power

This collection is inspired by these strong, independent women from our past - women that, no matter the consequenses and regardless of their methods, made their own path to success - and changed the future in more ways than one