All Pretiosa pieces are handcrafted in a small studio in the South of Norway

By designing and fabricating each piece of jewelry from start to finish, using ethically sourced, high quality materials and traditional metalsmithing techniques, a part of my heart always accompanies the finished piece


Each gemstone is carefully chosen for its beauty, and each design made to enhance that beauty

I take pride in using high quality silver sheet and wire, and turning them into treasured heirlooms, built to last for generations to come

Each piece is a labor of love, and each piece is unique  - just like YOU



Nature - raw, pure and timeless - is a big inspiration to me, and I'm lucky to have its beautiful diversity close to home;

the smooth & serene, the big & bold, the textures and the roughness

My desire is to create wearable reminders of Mother Earth and her astounding beauty

People - to celebrate our similiarities, our differences and uniquenesses, in the form of silver - that's my passion!

You could be a trendsetter..or a trend follower. Maybe you're traditional and have a sentimental heart. You might be a true original, looking for that one piece of jewelry that no one else has...

I hope to inspire all of you with my work, and I love creating custom pieces significally for you

Be Unique, Wear Unique

Core Values

Integrity & Pride - All designs are my own, and there is nothing more important to me than to make sure that your piece is made to your complete satisfaction - and that it will last you a lifetime. I am committed to purchasing ethically sourced materials, and I take pride in using high quality materials only

Dedication & Passion - You are my top priority, and I strive to make yours and every clients' experience a positive and empowering one. Pretiosas jewelry is made with love, passion and dedication - and it is made with you and your love for jewelry, in mind

Quality & Trust - Rest assured that gemstones in my jewelry are natural and ethically sourced, and that I use precious metal in my work. Any use of other materials, lab-grown gemstones or glass, will be clearly mentioned in my listings

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have - no obligations, no stupid questions

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